Sunday, October 10, 2010

New ABT Audi R8 2008,Dream Cars,Unique and Beautiful Rear

Audi R8 2008 Unique and Beautiful RearAudi R8 2008 Unique and Beautiful Rear

Audi R8 2008 Unique and Beautiful RearAudi R8 2008 Unique and Beautiful Rear

Research has shown the design first impression Abt's sportiest creation - and prove that the Kempten-based tuner managed to perfect an excellent serial model like the R8 to detail and highlights racing genes already in the picture. The front of the Bavarian R8 shows the marked Abt face. Together with the unique and beautiful rear with four inclined arranged exhaust end pipes, rear diffuser and rear wing luxury, front Abt R8 is part of the overall concept that brings about phenomenal roadholding. Add-on parts of the super sports car from the Allgäu-region improve downforce and ensure perfect balance between front and rear axis. This is particularly important in the speed ranges reserved for only a few cars. The sideblades developed especially for the Abt R8 and the Abt side skirts give the new Abt R8 and individual design besides aerodynamical advantages. The ABT efficient aerodynamic body kit, which also includes carbon-fiber parts, is a real eye catcher but also shows the precision work state-of-the-art Bavarian. With a clever construction, which also includes carbon-fiber cap, the maximum weight reduction not only achieved but also ensures optimized weight distribution of the Abt R8 - the pure presence of the model athlete already shows this.

Technology and design milestones do not only come from Maranello or Sant'Agata-Bolognese but also from Kempten. The Abt R8 will be a beautiful dream car with the genes of a top-class race car. This special automobile will belong to one of the fastest among the fastest, while the Abt R8 will also challenge the Lamborghini and Porsche. In connection with the performance data to anticipate the Bavarians are traditionally cautious. But this data already surprised the sports car fans and makes them want to spur the hot-blooded Bavarian horses. 530 HP (390 kW) must be withdrawn from the V8 4.2-liter thanks to the Abt supercharger. Compared with the serial model which already shows impressive performance data this means an increase of 110 HP (81 kW). brand new Abt 20-inch BR wheels style of this power transfer to the asphalt. Dream car all-wheel-drive accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.9 seconds and reaches a top speed of 317 km / h. These values are synonymous with magic and this extraordinary super sports car desperately wanted pushed. With Abt suspension which means adjusted in height, pressure and rebound, the performance and driving comfort of a super sports car can be adapted perfectly to the needs of its driver.

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