Thursday, April 10, 2008

Body kits

Imagine turning an ordinary looking car into It can be done. Start of with a nice looking body styling kit. Then add on a rear spoiler. Change the rims to stylish ones that suit your taste. There are thousands to choose from. Then lower your car by changing over to lowering spring kits. That's about it. Wanna customised more? How bout swapping the hood, lamborghini style doors. Move onto the car's interior and change the seats, shift knob, steering and pedals. then add a bass thumping sound system and you got yourself an only one of it's kind. Just imagine, of all the millions of cars around the world, yours is the only car that looks like that. There are tons you can do to modify your car. You don't have to do it all at once. Take your time and do it at your own pace. to bookmark this page or simply BodyKits dot BZ and remember to check this site out whenever you wanna accessorize!

Through here you can find car body kits from APEXi, Blitz, Greddy, Wings West, Xenon and Replica body kits including AD style, AL style, Black Widow style, Blitz style, Drift style, Extreme style, Street Fighter 2 style, Sensei Evo style, 3P style, Buddy Club style, Bomex style, Combat Kombat style, CTR style, Cwest style, Mugen style, R33 style, SF style, TF style, VS Invader style, N-One style, ING style, Black Widow II style, R34 style, Ninja style, Evolution style, Big Mouth style, Type M3 style, VS Invader II style, SF II style, Mugen style, Feelz style, ZEA style, GT style, REV style, Blitz II style and Type R style, euro style, AMG, Lorinser, Expression body kits

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